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XINGHUI MOLD has over 33000.00 square feet of production and warehouse space. At the heart of the facility have many sets CNC machining centers and many sets of rotational molding machines,the new generation of gantry milling machines enables us to guarantee a fast supply of high quality molds starting with CNC milling blocks,

Each month can be produce 200sets rotational molding mold and rotomolding machine capable of carrying two or more molds. This enables Xinghui to produce high-volume molds and products.

The factory is located in Ningbo, Zhejiang, China, and operates 24 hours/7 days/365 days a day. 

मूलभूत जानकारी
कंपनीNingbo Xinghui घूर्णी मोल्डिंग प्रौद्योगिकी कं, लिमिटेड
स्थापित2010 वर्ष
प्राथमिक सेवाएँProduce high-tech casting molds and CNC machines with various types of surface treatments.
अधिक उत्पादोंRotomold Mold design and mold manufacturing, and product processing.
पतानंबर 6-1, वीयर रोड, ज़िंडोंग विलेज, फांशी, लोंगशान टाउन, झेजियांग प्रांत Ningbo, चीन
फैक्टरी जानकारी
कारखाना क्षेत्र33000 वर्ग फुट
मुख्य बाजारUSA, Germany, Australia, Canada, Israel, Mexico, Colombia, Qatar, Japan, Korea, Russia, etc.

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